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I was told when I bought my protection plan at Jennifer Convertibles that it covered anything no matter what. Well that is a big fat lie.

These people have denied each claim. I could have just taken the 100. plus dollars i paid and put it in an account and when time came stanly steamer could of been paid. I say do not buy this protection program they are liars and cheats!

I got a tear in the sofa and because I did not report it with in 5 days, they denied it. Does it make a difference that the tear was reported in 5 days or not. The tear did not get bigger or worse, it did not become unrepairable or anything. My cat scratched the sofa.

They denied it. I split something, they denied it.

Really! This program is a scam do not do it.

Review about: Jennifer Convertibles Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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File at the BBB buro and you can always go to court!


I am having the same problem...they told me that the warranty covered "everything"...why not just be "honest" and state the smoke no lies. My advice to you, go to small claims court


These complaints are funny, none of this furniture is made in heirloom quality which is why these places try to push the protection plans because once your warranty is done with them they are not obligated to assist you. Delivery damage?

It happens - be realistic people! What do you expect - some little man to sit in the back of the truck and guard your furniture from every bump in the road? Normally if you look over your newly purchased furniture and immediately report any issues many if not all companies will work with you to make it right within reasonable means. And READING IS FUNDAMENTAL- every company is entitled to have it's own terms and the standard for the protection companies is FIVE days to report any sort of claim.

Your negligence or lack of attention is not these companies problems.

Believe me none of them are perfect, but consumers really need to take more responsibility. For some reason it's never their fault, which is BULL!

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