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Such a deal at Jennifier? Not! I purchased a sectional and love seat 2 1/2 years ago.

I paid for Scotch Gaurding. I did not get it. The couches are now stained and without much of an effort. Just touching these things stains them.

They get you on delivery charges ($180.00) and the satifaction "garauntee", forget about it. The vendor is in NY and they not only kept me on hold forever, they were rude.

When a guy finally came out to clean it, he said the warranty did not cover "oil stains", Excuse Me? It was a water stain from the lack of Scotch Gaurding. It didn't bead like it should have, and made a stain.

Review about: Jennifer Convertibles Warranty.

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While I appreciate your reply, your insults are uncalled for. Are you Jennifer?

And yes, I did pay for lifetime cleaning.

I clean my furniture routinely. It was cleaned once by the cleaning contractor. My home, and everything in it is immaculate. You must be a Jennifer employee to be so insulting to your customer, that's typical.

I tried calling the NY offices, they were as rude and insulting as you are. The furniture is cheap, the fabric is cheap, and it doesn't take very much for it to stain. Period. Only someone with an affiliation would defend this product so vehemently and in such insulting a manner.

So much for "the customers always right" You see it here folks. This person is trolling for Jennifer.


Jennifer Convertibles does not scotch guard furniture... so it is impossible that you paid for it.

They do offer a stain program where you call them and they send someone to your house to clean food, drink and body fluid accidents (ie blood, vomit), as many times as you need it. If you bought the furniture 2 years ago you probably have lifetime cleaning. Sounds like your furniture needs a basic cleaning. A basic cleaning will not only remove day to day stains but will also remove skin cells, dust and dust mites which accumulates daily...

If your furniture hasn't been cleaned in almost 3 years its probably really gross. The stain program does not replace basic cleaning... that has to do with how clean you keep your things...

do you clean your bed linen .. or are you waiting for someone to clean it for you too?

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