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I made a purchase at JC on 4/7/11. I paid in full decided that I will pick up the merchandise instead of paying for a delivery. The warehouse is less than 3 miles from my home. My pick up date was 4/14/11. The furniture was in 3 boxes which needed to be assemble.(no problem). I get the furniture home opened box #1 and assemble(no problem), box #2 no problem. Now box #3. Like the others it was boxed & taped up, plastic in tack. This piece had a perfect L shaped tear on the leather seating part. After seeing this I contacted the store notified them. I was told someone will contact me in 48hours & then they will send a technician out. Okay proceed to take the merchandise out and found numerous tears in the back, back corner looks like its been resting on the wall. The most shocking is the legs to the furniture. The legs were stored in a zipper compartment of the sectional, they were wrapped in plastic but had scratches on them. Once again contacted the store to inform them of my findings. i was told once again I will receive a cal in 48 hours.

Someone contacted me in 2weeks time(unacceptable), Technician arrived a week and half after that. Once the technician came he was in my home for no more the 5 mins with a pen ¬epad. After he wasted my time I contacted customer service to find out whats the next step. I was told in 7-10 business days they will have a response.

The technician determine it was me that damaged the furniture(bs). Due to that I was told they can do nothing for me. End result they sent another Tech out. This one was on point taking pics,lifting the furniture to inspect. He said there is no way you did this damage. But he told me what JC will do. Repairing is what he said they will do. At this time already Ive sent a certified letter to Mr.Abada(president) in Annapolis Md.I request for the damage piece to be replaced & a refund of the protection plan. Reason why is because I dealing with so much *** from JC I'm certain that the protection plan company is the same way.

End result I have no resolution. Every time you call the lying to you, putting you thru a run around and stress. At this point I want my money back. I didn't pay for new furniture to be repaired. Jennifer convertible is the worst. I will keep you all updated. Sorry its so long......

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I wish i never did either! They are absolutely the most horrible people to do business with.

I will never walk into one of their stores again. Their delivery man stole our mattress from inside the sofa and they won't replace it.

They are saying our doorman told him to throw it out! Absolutely ridiculous and the rudest people that don't know how to treat customers

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